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  • Waterways - The Royal Canal

    Oct. 5, 2012 · (5 years, 10 months) ago · by Dave Farrell · 2364 views

    IFTA-winning documentary series ‘Waterways – The Royal Canal’ is to be made available on DVD on RTE's online shop  from  Friday the 5th October 2012. Stephen Rooke (Saving the Titanic)  directed the series which picked up Best Documentary Series and Best Cinematography in Television for Peter Robertson at the 2012 IFTA Awards. Rachel Towell was the production manager for the series.

    The series, which returned to RTÉ screens last year after a 16-year absence, follows naturalist, writer and broadcaster Dick Warner as he travels through the Royal Canal from Dublin to Longford to celebrate its reopening after more than half a century of dereliction.

    Warner, who fronted the original series in the 90s, journeys in an original 70ft Royal Canal tug barge called Rambler, and meets both experts and ordinary people ...

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  • A Terrible Beauty.........

    Oct. 1, 2012 · (5 years, 10 months) ago · by Dave Farrell · 834 views

    Director and Writer Keith Farrell and Editor Daithi Connaughton are putting the final touches to this epic 90 minute dramadoc for TG4 at Windmill Lane Studios. Set during The Irish Rebellion in 1916 and using first hand accounts for the first time we hear the authentic voices of the Irish Volunteer, the British soldier and the civilians caught up in the linked battles of Mount Street and North King Street. The finished film is scheduled to be screened in 2013.  

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  • Dermot's Secret Garden

    Sept. 30, 2012 · (5 years, 10 months) ago · by Dave Farrell · 2619 views

    In the coming week Director Stephen Rooke and his team travel  to Italy with Dermot O'Neill as filming continues on this second series of 6 programmes of Dermot's Secret Garden for RTE. This is a documentary series about one man’s drive to restore his secret Victorian Walled Garden and achieve self-sufficiency – this is his dream, his passion or some might say madness. The series is being filmed over the year as Dermot shapes his garden for the years ahead

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  • The Graves Of The Disappeared

    Sept. 28, 2012 · (5 years, 10 months) ago · by Dave Farrell · 2450 views

    Director Martin Dwan's  two part docodrama series for TV3 has just finished posting at Tangerine. The series is scheduled for screening in 2013

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  • Saving The Titanic On C4 At 4pm On Sunday The 15th Of April

    April 15, 2012 · (6 years, 4 months) ago · by Dave Farrell · 2409 views

    100 years after the sinking of the Titanic, Saving the Titanic is the untold story of the self sacrifice and dignity of the ship's engineers,stokers and firemen in the face of impending death.

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