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  • Spi: There Is More To The License Fee Than Just Rté

    Nov. 14, 2018 · (5 months, 1 week) ago · by Stephen Rooke · 386 views

    There is more to the TV Licence Fee than just RTÉ – Screen Producers Ireland

    Screen Producers Ireland are today, November 14th, launching a video campaign and are holding an Oireachtas briefing session in Buswells Hotel to showcase the high quality programming of the Irish independent production sector, to recommend solutions for TV Licence Fee reform and to highlight that there is more the TV Licence Fee than just RTÉ.

    Speaking after the video was launched online this morning, Screen Producers Ireland CEO Elaine Geraghty said:

    “The Irish independent production sector makes the nation’s best loved, most watched programmes. From Room to Improve, Dancing with the Stars, Finding Joy to Ear to the Ground and many, many others; independent producers set the standard for Irish television. Our video highlights the amazing programmes, hard-working talent and dedicated independent production companies that make these programmes happen. It is ...

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  • Faloadh

    Oct. 17, 2018 · (6 months, 1 week) ago · by Stephen Rooke · 481 views

    Ancient Irish Cinematic VR screening in New York and available now on RTE.ie/360

    Celtic legends and Viking invasions in fully immersive cinematic VR, this is Faoladh, a stereoscopic virtual reality film set in ancient Ireland.

    In collaboration with Google VR and the V-Sense Project Trinity College, Tile Films have created Ireland's first live action VR film which is currently screening at Ithaca Fantastik New York and is available now on RTE.ie/360

    Faoladh follows the perilous journey of a 9th century Irish child who's village is attacked by Viking raiders and you, the viewer, will play the role of a wolf like guardian spirit that must guide him to safety.

    Director Declan Dowling said:

    " I always knew it would be a challenge filming drama in VR. Besides obvious restrictions in storytelling and the huge technical feat involved in filming with a 16 camera gopro ...

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  • Rms Leinster Centenary Events

    Oct. 8, 2018 · (6 months, 2 weeks) ago · by Stephen Rooke · 319 views

    Tile Films are delighted to be part of the "RMS Leinster Centenary Events" which take place all over Dún Laoghaire this week. To mark the 100th anniversary of this tragedy, Tile Films has produced a 6.5 minute film which is showing online and in IMC Cinemas in Dublin. At the launch of the film "RMS Leinster" in the Savoy Cinema on O'Connell Street were from left to right Gerard Ryan (Committee Member), Mary Fayne (An Leas Chathaoirleach, Dún Laoghaire), Peter Coonan (Actor / Narrator) and Stephen Rooke (Producer / Director).

    More information available on: www.leinster2018.com

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  • 'Gold Dolphin Award For 'Sacred Sites - Petra' At The Cannes Corporate Media & Tv Awards.

    Sept. 28, 2018 · (6 months, 3 weeks) ago · by Stephen Rooke · 326 views

    Tile Films are delighted to announce that we have won a Gold Dolphin award in the History / Culture documentary category of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Attending the event last night with over 300 other guests from 30 countries, Producer and Director Stephen Rooke picked up the top History / Culture award for our documentary film "Sacred Sites: Petra" on behalf of Tile Films and our broadcast client Smithsonian Networks. "Sacred Sites: Petra" tells the story of a people known as the Nabataeans who 2,000 years ago created the magnificent rock cut temples of Petra in Jordan and Hegra in Saudi Arabia. Much of the Nabataeans' story has faded from history, but new research suggests that Petra and Hegra could have been centres of a 'lost matriarchy', in which women enjoyed unrivalled power and privilege.

    Tile Films would like to thank our Irish and Moroccan ...

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  • Tile Films “Sacred Sites” Season Two Premieres Monday, August 13 At 8pm Et/Pt On Smithsonian Channel

    July 30, 2018 · (8 months, 3 weeks) ago · by Stephen Rooke · 599 views

    From the supposed tomb of King Arthur to ancient Egyptian temples once controlled by female priests, the world’s religious sites are home to alluring secrets and mysteries. This summer, Smithsonian Channel brings back Sacred Sites to explore even more enigmatic religious sites found around the world. Featuring advanced scientific discoveries and archaeological research, new episodes will bring viewers to sanctified and historical locations stretching from Europe to North Africa, through the Mayan civilization in the Americas, across the path of the Camino de Santiago and more. Sacred Sites returns Monday, August 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel. 

    While unraveling the unsolved mysteries hidden within these sacred sites, each episode will grant extraordinary new insights into the lives, culture and symbolic sitesthat left their marks on civilizations of the past and show how their societal impacts continue to reverberate today.

    The second season premiere, King Arthur, studies the myth of one of the most famous ...

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