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Breith agus Bás (Birth and Death) ·

Breith Agus Bás (Birth And Death)

Nov. 2, 2012 · 5 years, 7 months ago · by Dave Farrell · 0 comments · 2441 views · 280 words

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BreithagusBás (Birth and Death) watch it on TG4 at 9.10 pm on Saturday the 3rd November. This is an unusual story with a number of twists. It revolves around the Cannon family who had run the post office in Lettermacaward in West Donegal for the last 100 years, the story starts in 1911 when the identical twins sons of the newly appointed post master Pat Cannon are cursed by the previous postmistress. Not long afterwords one of the boys Columb drowns and the second twin Barney, who goes on to become an officer in the Free State army is shot and killed during the Civil War which in turn sets in motion a train of events leading to the execution of 4 IRA men by Irish Free State troops in retaliation. Pat Cannon makes desperate efforts to stop the executions, despite the loss of his beloved son, believed to have been shot by the IRA but fails. The family are wrongly blamed for the executions and another son is forced to go on the run to avoid retribution and the massacre of the IRA men continues to hang over the family despite the heroic efforts by Pat Cannon to stop the retaliatory killings following the death of his son.

Much of the narrative in the story is told by Brian Cannon the last of the Cannon's to be postmaster bringing an added poignancy. The Director and writer is well know actor Sean T O'Meallaigh who is himself the great great  grandson of Pat Cannon a further twist to the story.