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  • A Terrible Beauty - Dvd

    Oct. 13, 2014 · (3 years, 8 months) ago · by Dave Farrell · 1945 views

    The all regions DVD of A Terrible Beauty can now be ordered online at

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  • A Terrible Beauty - Us Screening Tour

    Oct. 13, 2014 · (3 years, 8 months) ago · by Dave Farrell · 1450 views

    September was a busy month for screenings of A Terrible Beauty/Áille an Uafáis In the UK and in major cities on the East coast and mid west of the USA. Almost all the US screenings were a sell out starting with the premiere at International House in Philadelphia and ending in a fantastic set of screenings in Chicago at the Gene Siskel Film Center where the queue for tickets was out the door. This was due in part to a review of the film by the noted Chicago columnist and radio presenter Rick Kogan who said of the film:  

    A Terrible Beauty," its title taken from a famous poem by W.B. Yeats and premiering at 8 p.m. Friday and 3 p.m. Sunday at the Siskel Film Center, is a docudrama of extraordinary power. It is about bullets flying and bodies falling, ...

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