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  • Tile Films Accolade Win!

    Jan. 28, 2016 · (2 years, 4 months) ago · by Stephen Rooke · 1051 views

    Tile Films are delighted to announce that excited to announce that Sacred Sites: Ireland have won Global Film Awards
    Award of Distinction and Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Distinction

    Check it out at…/2015-winners/

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  • Fág An Bealach To Be Repeated On Tg4!

    Jan. 5, 2016 · (2 years, 5 months) ago · by Stephen Rooke · 1088 views

    Happy New Year to everyone. Tile Films are all set for a busy year. More news to come, but in the meantime, don't miss the repeat of Fág an Bealach on TG4. Ep 1 on 16th of January at 20:15 and Ep 2 on 23rd of January at 20:15. 

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