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  • This Autumn...Paramedics Series 2

    Sept. 22, 2016 · (1 year, 9 months) ago · by Stephen Rooke · 1057 views

    "Paramedics" is a dramatic and emotive documentary series giving viewers a keen insight into the hectic routine of Ireland’s frontline emergency medical services. We will go behind the ambulance doors and on the road with the dedicated men and women of the National Ambulance Service who hold so many precious lives in their hands"

    We are finally able to announce that Paramedics series two will be coming to TV3 screens this Autumn. Following the success of series one we have once again gained unparalleled access to the National Ambulance Service. 

    In the second series of this six part documentary we are saying 'welcome back' to the paramedics we have come to admire as we follow them through the highs and lows of frontline Ambulance services. In this series not only do we get behind ambulance doors we will also be taking to the air as we are ...

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