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Manchán Magan

Manchán Magan is a writer, traveler and television maker. He has made over 30 travel documentaries focusing on issues of world culture and globalization, 12 of them packaged under the Global Nomad series[1] with his brother Ruán Magan.[2] He presented No Béarla, a documentary series about traveling around Ireland speaking only Irish. He writes a travel column for the Irish Times [3] and his show The Big Adventure, on RTÉ Radio One explores adventure holidays.[4] He has written two books in Irish, 'Baba-ji agus TnaG' (Coiscéim 2005) and 'Manchán ar Seachrán' (Coiscéím 1998), and his English travel books include ‘Angels & Rabies: a journey through the Americas’ (Brandon, 2006), ‘Manchán’s Travels: a journey through India’ (Brandon, 2007) and ‘Truck Fever: a journey through Africa’ (Brandon, 2008).

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