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Ronan Hardiman ·

Ronan Hardiman is a highly successful award winning composer, producer, songwriter, with projects and soundtracks that have become global entertainment phenomena.

Born and raised in Dublin Ireland, Ronan Hardiman left his daytime job as a teller with the Bank of Ireland while still in his early twenties to pursue his dream of one day becoming an acclaimed composer. He quickly became an internationally sought after bright new talent. Best known for his stunning scores to Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance, Feet Of Flames and more recently Celtic Tiger Dance spectaculars, Hardiman is also a highly successful solo recording artist, producer and songwriter with a number of million selling projects to his credit. One of Ronan’s latest major project is the new stage musical ‘Sacred Flame’ (working title), a collaboration between Ronan and legendary lyricist Frank Musker (Il Divo, Queen, Zucchero).

Ronan’s film and TV projects include the award winning Natural History series, 'Waterways', films such as 'My Friend Joe' and scores for such well known commercials as Coca Cola, National Lottery, Guinness, and RTE's Nine O' Clock News.