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Ruán Magan

Ruán Magan is one of Ireland’s most successful filmmakers with multiple awards and nominations achieved during the past decade in Ireland and internationally.

He began his career on major Hollywood movies (Far & Away, Devil’s Own, Michael Collins) as AD, location manager and line producer before specializing in documentary film making in the late 1990s. He has made over one hundred documentary films filmed throughout the planet which have been broadcast on a host of channels including BBC, RTE, Smithsonian, The History Channel, Travel Channel, History Television, SBS, Canal+, Vision, TG4 and Arté.

Ruán has worked in China, the Middle East, India, the Arctic, throughout Africa, Australia, the Far East and North and South America making in depth explorative films about Islam, the fall of communism, the Christian missionary movement and the American Dream. In 2002 he made THE GLOBAL NOMAD - CHINA venturing deep into China to witness how this once isolated nation was reawakening. In 2006, he produced the acclaimed economics series, IN SEARCH OF THE POPE’S CHILDREN, for RTE and the BBC, winning an IFTA and a commendation from INPUT. In 2006 he co-directed ‘THE GHOSTS OF DUFFY’S CUT’ with Stephen Rooke, the gripping 1 x 52 minute HD documentary which had its world premiere screening at the ‘Stranger than Fiction Documentary Festival’ in Dublin, September 2006 and has since been nominated for a Best Single Documentary IFTA in 2007 and a Celtic Film and Television Award in 2006. Broadcast on RTÉ in 2006 it received phenomenal ratings of over half a million viewers. In 2008, he wrote and directed the major HD drama-documentary, DEATH OR CANADA for The History Channel, History Television and RTE, achieving 4 Gemini nominations, an IFTA nomination and two American Archaeology Channel awards.

In his film making through the years Ruán has excelled in making complex subjects accessible to mainstream audiences, envisioning and achieving stunning imagery and has consistently achieved strong audiences for his films.

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