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  • After Bannockburn

    After Bannockburn · (2015)

    Genres · Docudrama  Historical Documentary 

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    Ever wondered what happened after the epic events that are portrayed in the Hollywood movie Braveheart? This riveting docudrama series reveals the untold story of how a Scottish army tried to drive the English out of Ireland 700 years ago. This is a ...

  • Heaven On Earth

    Heaven On Earth · (2004)

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    This unique series explores how six major world religions have expressed the spiritual yearnings of the faithful in architecture and art. From the megaliths of prehistoric man to the great mosques, temples and cathedrals of the last two millennia, religion has inspired some ...

  • The Rookes of Vicar’s Hill

    The Rookes Of Vicar’S Hill · (2007)

    Genres · Observational Documentaries  Religion 

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    In 2007 Rev. Patrick Rooke was appointed Dean of St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh, Northern Ireland.This four part observational documentary series followed Patrick and his family over a 12 month period as he settled into his new role as Dean of ...