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  • A Terrible Beauty/Áille an Uafáis

    A Terrible Beauty/Áille An Uafáis · (2014)

    Genres · Docudrama  Drama  Historical Documentary  Irish History 

    36296 views · 4 videos · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    A Terrible Beauty/Áille an Uafáis ... a 93 minute feature docudrama is set during the Irish Rebellion of 1916. It is centered on two linked events during that Easter week, the battles of Mount Street and North King Street, culminating in the massacre ...

  • Saving the Titanic

    Saving The Titanic · (2012)

    28417 views · 1 video · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    100 years after the sinking of the Titanic, Saving the Titanic is the untold story of the self sacrifice and dignity of the ship's engineers,stokers and firemen in the face of impending death.

  • Waterways - The Royal Canal

    Waterways - The Royal Canal · (2011)

    15704 views · 7 videos · 3 galleries · » visit production page

    In the early 1990's, Dick Warner, naturalist and broadcaster, journeyed through the canals of Ireland in a canal boat. His adventures were captured in four series entitled "Waterways" for RTE. In this exciting new series of Waterways, Dick Warner returns to the inland ...

  • After Bannockburn

    After Bannockburn · (2015)

    Genres · Docudrama  Historical Documentary 

    14351 views · 2 videos · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    Ever wondered what happened after the epic events that are portrayed in the Hollywood movie Braveheart? This riveting docudrama series reveals the untold story of how a Scottish army tried to drive the English out of Ireland 700 years ago. This is a ...

  • Fàg An Bealach/Clear The Way

    Fàg An Bealach/Clear The Way · (2011)

    Genres · Docudrama  Historical Documentary  Tags · Immigrants  Irish American Heritage  War 

    11797 views · 2 videos · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    Fàg An Bealach/Clear The Way Presented by Irish-American actor Brian Mallon, this two part docudrama tells the dramatic story of one of the greatest units in the American Civil War - The Irish Brigade and its charismatic leader General Thomas Francis Meagher.

  • Cromwell In Ireland

    Cromwell In Ireland · (2008)

    Genres · Docudrama  Historical Documentary  Irish History  Tags · irish history 

    11270 views · 1 video · 2 galleries · » visit production page

    Oliver Cromwell is the great bogeyman of Irish history. His name appears everywhere in the collective psyche of the island. He is a towering figure, a dark silhouette against the bloodstained backdrop of history. But why did he come to Ireland, and does ...