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2012 · (Productions By Year)

  • Saving the Titanic

    Saving The Titanic · (2012)

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    100 years after the sinking of the Titanic, Saving the Titanic is the untold story of the self sacrifice and dignity of the ship's engineers,stokers and firemen in the face of impending death.

  • Cé A Chónaigh I Mo Theachsa? (Series 2)

    Cé A Chónaigh I Mo Theachsa? ... · (2012)

    Genres · Irish History 

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    In the second Series of ‘Cé a Chónaigh i mo Theachsa?’ presenter Manchán Magan, sets out to unlock the extraordinary stories hidden in the walls of our houses and who lived in them before us.

  • Breith Agus Bás

    Breith Agus Bás · (2012)

    Genres · Historical Documentary  Irish History 

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    Breith agus Bás begins with one of the most controversial events during the bitterest time in Irish history: The execution of four anti-treaty prisoners in Drumboe, Co. Donegal during the Civil War.