Episode 1: Coolatore House, Co. West Meath

Coolatore House, Co. West Meath is the first of the houses Manchan visits and the programme goes out on TG4 at 10pm Thursday 12th January 2012 and is repeated at 9 pm on Friday the 15th January. According to the precious Táin manuscripts the Ancient Kings of Ireland were the first settlers on the land where Coolatore House now stands.

While the media were accusing him of having a sex change in Paris, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was living here with his children and recording music. Donal Scanlon, the world’s greatest Spin Doctor, owned and lived in Coolatore House in the 1990’s. He used the front dining room as his office while he master-minded Bill Clinton’s defence during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. REM and Shirley Bassey have recorded albums in the stables that have been converted into recording studios. At the magnificent Festival of Fires on the nearby Hill of Uisneach, Manchán discover’s why so many have been drawn to this house and these ancient lands.

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