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Cé A Chónaigh I Mo Theachsa? (Series 1) · The Concept

The Concept

Series Producer - Stephen Rooke

Stephen Rooke was renovating his terraced house in Sandycove, Co. Dublin. When removing old plaster from a wall he discovered interconnecting doors between his house and the house next door. Elderly neighbours on the street told him they’d heard stories that his house had been a brothel and the doors were an escape route for clients! He called in his sister Brigid Clesham (researcher on the Landed Estates project in NUI Galway) for some advice. Brigid did some initial work to date the house and discovered the houses on the terrace were built as labourers cottages for the stone masons working on Dún Laoghaire pier. Stone from the local quarry that was used on the pier – was used in building the houses. As Stephen’s research progressed, he had a ‘eureka moment’.

Says Stephen of the concept of ‘Cé a Chónaigh i mo Theachsa’:

"I was in the Dun Laoghaire library one day, wading through loads of microfilm, dusty old deeds, maps and directories, researching my own house history. As I sat there, musing over the question of who lived in my own house, it struck me that it would be a great basis for a television series – what if we went around to six different houses and uncovered their histories, and at the same time gave the public some pointers on how to find out more about their own homes? And that was it. I was doing what the TV series should be all about, finding out who lived in my house - ‘Cé a Chónaigh i mo Theachsa.” I immediately got to work with Producer Rachel Towell to develop this exciting concept."