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The Great Guide To The Future · Episode Guide

Episode 1 · Energy

Climate change is threatening life on this planet, and at the heart of this problem is our insatiable need for energy. In this episode Jonathan visits Chernobyl, the site of one of the most infamous nuclear disasters in history, and then sets off to find the technology that could save us all, but it’s one that’s tainted with fear.

Episode 2 · Relationships

With nearly half of the world’s population now online our relationship with technology, and each other, is constantly evolving. In this episode Jonathan travels to Japan to discover what a robot society might look like in the future.

Episode 3 · Wildlife

From early times, human beings have been busy reducing the numbers of species on the planet. Could Yellowstone National Park hold the answer to our dwindling wildlife population, or are our parks destined to be void of them in the future?

Episode 4 · Housing

Today we find the world in the midst of a housing crisis as the demand for houses and apartments soar. In this episode Jonathan travels to China to uncover the radical engineering that could prove to be the template for our future housing.

Episode 5 · Tourism

Our planet isn’t lonely anymore and the demand for unspoiled, holiday destinations has put delicate habitats in danger. In this episode, Jonathan jets off to discover the 4D technology that will allow us to visit protected destinations like the Galápagos Islands without even leaving our doorstep.

Episode 6 · E-Waste

We all love our gadgets, but in the rush to get our hands on the latest technology we don’t stop to think about what happens to our old ones. This episode sees Jonathan travel to India to mix with unlicensed e-waste traders, and then to Japan and Ireland to meet the change-makers who believe that electronic waste will one day be a thing of the past.