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Waterways - The Royal Canal · The Concept

The Concept

From Director Stephen Rooke:

"I was a young director in the early 90's when the first of the Waterway's were produced, and for me it is a fantastic opportunity twenty years on to return to a subject close to my heart; The Waterways Of Ireland"

“Waterways: the Final Journey” will be shot on High Definition and will be a spectacular, cinematic experience, telling the enthralling and richly visual story of Dick Warner’s journey down the Royal Canal. We will bring first-class production values to these films. Through stunning and vivid HD cinematography of the spectacular canal vistas, we will evoke the look and feel of Old Masters landscape painting.

Stylistically, the series will be shot in an innovative manner which emphasises its nostalgic appeal and evokes the timeless beauty of the slow-moving canal. Appropriately, Dick’s presenting style will veer away from the in-your-face dynamic common to many presenters. Instead he will adopt an unobtrusive approach towards both the locations he visits and the people he meets, drawing them out rather than invading their space.