Assassins: Ireland’s Contract Killers

A shadowy journey inside the minds of Ireland’s contract killers

In this new series, Donal MacIntyre & Prof David Wilson take us on a shadowy journey inside the minds of Ireland’s contract killers, profiling the assassins and their crimes in forensic detail.

GENRES: Docudrama / Factual

A brand new six part crime documentary series ‘Assassins: Ireland’s Contract Killers’ produced by Tile Films for TV3 will air on TV3 tomorrow night, Wednesday 3rd May at 9pm.

The new series is co-presented by investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre and leading criminologist Professor David Wilson.

In 2014 Donal & David published their pioneering academic work ‘The British Hitman: 1974 – 2013’ in the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice. It was the first ever paper on contract-killers and applied the science of criminology to identify four distinct types of assassins. Now David & Donal are bringing that academic knowledge to TV3 by applying their typology to Irish cases.

Assassinations and gangland hits have transformed Dublin into one of the contract-killing capitals of the world. Over 5% of all homicides in Ireland are committed by specialist killers paid specifically for the job.

In each episode Donal & David will examine a notorious assassin. These personal stories will open a fascinating window into the everyday lives of the assassins. What are their backgrounds? What motivates them – money, payback or the thrill of the chase? And how does this bloody business affect society as a whole?

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