Bás nó Saoirse (Death or Liberty)

At the dawn of the 19th century, the British Empire was the largest global empire in history, where millions were denied fundamental rights and freedoms.

Bás nó Saoirse’ (Death or Liberty) is a gripping 2 part series telling the story of the heroic idealists and patriots who challenged the might of Great Britain and who were banished to Australia as punishment for their crimes. 


  • Executive Producer – Stephen Rooke
  • Executive Producer – Stephen Rooke
  • Producer – Stephen Rooke
  • Producer – Steve Thomas
  • Producer – Anna Grieve
  • Producer – Kath Symmons
  • Director – Keith Farrell
  • Director – Steve Thomas
  • Narrator – Andrew Bennett
  • Writer – Keith Farrell
  • Irish Narrator – Seán Ó Tarpaigh
  • Writer – Steve Thomas
  • Camera Assistant – Tom Waugh, Conor Lally
  • Director Of Photography – Ellery Ryan ACS
  • Runner – Rob King, Róisín Phelan
  • PA – Sarah Keogh
  • Sound Recordist – David Tottle, Tobi Armbruster, Seán Ó Tarpaigh, Stephen McLoughlin
  • Composer – Steve Lynch
  • Editor – Cúán Mac Conghail
RELEASE DATE: October 2015
GENRES: Docudrama / Irish History


  • Abc Australia , S4c Wales , TG4

‘Bás nó Saoirse’ (Death or Liberty) is a stirring journey into the heroic lives of the many rebels who were exiled to the prison without walls – Australia. Two hundred years ago, these men were martyrs to their homeland’s cause, but their lives as convicts are an amazing untold story – until now. The Irish, Welsh, Scottish, American and Canadian revolutionaries and radicals of the 19th century are remembered for their actions at home, but little is known of their lives in the prison colonies of Australia. Through vivid first-hand accounts, this docudrama series will tell the story of the passionate, literary and sometimes foolhardy individuals who helped to forge the modern Australian nation.


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