Episode 3: Ballynachinch Castle, Co. Galway

In one of Connemara’s most cherished houses – Ballynachinch Castle – Manchán investigates the story of Ranji the Indian Prince and Humanity Dick the prince Connemara never had and whether or not Wolfe Tone was the true father of Humanity Dick’s daughter Latitia.

Ballynahinch Castle is set in spectacular ancient woodland and on the banks of the richest salmon & trout river in Ireland. This is the story of two princes – the Indian Prince Ranji who owned the Castle in the 1930’s and spent lavishly in the area and the Prince Connemara never had ‘Humanity Dick’ – the duellist and founder of the RSPCA in 1822. While delving into the lives of the princes, Manchán will also investigate whether there is any truth behind the rumours that the Irish Rebel, Wolfe Tone was the father to ‘Humanity Dick’s eldest child, Latitia!

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