In The Name of the Republic

Professor Eunan O’Halpin’s tells the shocking stories of people executed and secretly buried during the IRA’s campaign for Irish Independence.


  • Executive Producer – Stephen Rooke
  • Producer – Dave Farrell
  • Director – Michael Dwan
  • Writers – David Ryan & Ruán Magan
  • Presenter – Eunan O’Halpin
  • Director of Photography – John Fay
RELEASE DATE: March 2013
GENRES: Docudrama / Irish History


  • TV3

For some the Anglo-Irish War is viewed through rose tinted glasses, a heroic struggle against an Imperialist monster and the Civil War a brave and honourable attempt to disentangle the country from an ill judged Treaty that did not deliver on the nation’s aspirations. But there is a much darker story to be told of the often innocent  men shot as spies and made to disappear. In The Name of the Republic is a two part documentary series following eminent Historian, Professor EunanO’Halpin as he explores this dark side of Irish republicanism. At the spine of the story is a dig at one of the burial sites which Tile Films have exclusive access to. 

A Tile Films production in association with the Broadcast Authority of Ireland for TV3


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