Episode 1: Petra

Filmed on location in: Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Ireland

The magnificent rock temples of Petra and Hegra hold a remarkable secret. Were these places centers of a lost matriarchy, in which women enjoyed unrivalled power and privilege?

In the rocky highlands of Jordan and the shimmering deserts of Saudi Arabia lie the remains of two incredible cities – Petra and Hegra. A people known as the Nabataeans created them 2,000 years ago, carving great temples and tombs from the very rock. Much of the Nabataeans’ story has faded from history, but these sacred sites hold profound secrets about their way of life. Mysterious solar alignments, ancient inscriptions and new discoveries suggest that Petra and Hegra could have been centers of a ‘lost matriarchy’, in which women enjoyed unrivalled power and privilege.

Cast & Extras:

  • Irish Arms
  • Morocco Film Productions

Expert Contributors:

  • Dr. Khairieh Amr – Archaeologist
  • Jane Taylor – Author, “Petra & the Lost Kingdom of the Nabateans”
  • Dr. Glenn Corbett – American Center for Oriental Research, Jordan
  • Dr. Juan Antonio Belmonte – Institute of Astrophysics, Canary Islands
  • Prof. Hannah Cotton-Paltiel – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Prof. John Healey – University of Manchester, England
  • Manal Mohammed Salem Alfakeer – Bedoul Tribeswoman
  • Aida Naghawi – Numismatics Museum, Amman, Jordan
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