Episode 2: Maya

Filmed on location in: Mexico, Guatemala, Morocco, USA & Ireland

In the tropical forests of Guatemala and Mexico stand some of the most captivating sacred sites of ancient Mayan civilization. Scientists long believed these magnificent temples and pyramids were built to watch the sky, but new discoveries in the last decade reveal sacred caves and tunnels hidden beneath the pyramids. Using cutting edge science, archaeologists identify the location the Maya revered as the most sacred temple of all – the mystical center of the world. With this discovery, this episode may unlock an incredible secret in the Mayan city of Chichen Itza.


  • Farmer – Hassan Miloudi
  • Farmer Son – Omar Jalil
  • Mayan Astronomer –Mohamed Gormani
  • Mayan Husband – Bahad Lachen
  • Mayan Wife – Rhane Saida
  • Mayan King 1 – Mohamed Nmila
  • Mayan King 2 – Azzedine Ben Amara
  • Mayan Priest – Hamza Belhaj
  • Mayan Scribe – Mohamed Mheta

Expert Contributors

  • Dr. Susan Milbrath – University of Florida, USA
  • Prof. Liwy Grazioso – Archaeologist, University of San Carlos, Guatemala
  • Denisse Argote-Espino – Researcher, National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico
  • Kees Nooren – Physical Geographer, Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Marco Antonio Santos Ramirez – Director, Chichén Itzá Archaeological Site, Mexico
  • Prof. Guillermo de Anda – Director / Researcher, University of Yucatán, Mexico
  • Dr. Rene Chavez Segura – National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Arnoldo Gonzalez Cruz – Palenque Archaeological Project, Mexico
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