Episode 3: The Camino

Filmed on location in: Spain, France, Morocco & Ireland

Every year, thousands of pilgrims travel the ancient pilgrimage route to Spain’s Santiago de Compostela. The sacred journey ends with a visit to the shrine that holds the bones of Saint James the Great – Apostle of Jesus. But new research and discoveries suggest that the Camino may have been a sacred pathway long before the Christian age and that the bones in the sacred shrine may not belong to James after all. Instead, they may be the remains of a controversial heretic seen as a threat to the very existence of the Christian church.


  • James – El Aoud Ahmed
  • Priscillian – El Bachir lmrabet
  • Priestess – Joanne Brennan
  • Witch – Karen Hassan
  • Judge – Paul Ward
  • Pelagius – Marek Pelarik
  • Herod Agrippa – Ben Amra Azeddine
  • Judge – Michil Tisier
  • Healing Woman – Saadia Akkiou

Expert Contributors

  • Dr. Elyn Aviva – Author “Power Places on The Caminos de Santiago”
  • Fr. José Fernández Lago – Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • Suso Martinez – Historian, Guias de Galicia, Spain
  • Dr. Niamh Wycherley – National University of Ireland
  • Dr. Gillian Kenny – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Prof. Marco Conti – American University of Rome
  • Prof. Simon Esmonde Cleary – Archaeologist, University of Birmingham, England
  • Mireia Beneria Farrero – Local Resident, Spain
  • J. Martin Rubio – Local Resident, Spain
  • Dr. A. César González-Garcia – Archaeoastronomer, Institute of Heritage Sciences, Incipit-CSIC, Spain
  • Tito Conchiero Coello – Archaeologist, Spain
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