Episode 5: Egyptian Priestesses

Filmed on location in: Egypt, Morocco, USA & Ireland

New discoveries reveal a hidden power structure in Egypt – one controlled by women. Archeology at Egypt’s sacred sites reveal a succession of female priests who were said to be married to the King of Gods himself – Amun. These priestesses held control and influence throughout the entire Egyptian kingdom. The temples of ancient Egypt conceal evidence of their mysterious sexual rituals. Now, archaeologists investigate these sacred sites to recapture their story and piece together the puzzling source of their power.


  • God’s Wife 1 – Siham Laouine
  • God’s Wife 2 – Fatimzehra Jeddab
  • God’s Wife 3 / Hatshepsut – Manal Belhaj
  • God’s Wife 4 / Nefertari – Soukaina Boufkri
  • God’s Wife 5 – Najat Azeggagh
  • Ramses II – Ahchmi Azzedine
  • Thutmose II – Joudi Adbeljalil
  • Senenmut – Guchiri Yassine
  • Hittite Emperor – Skina Abdelkbir
  • Cleopatra – Ilham Oujri
  • Julius Caesar – Cedric Maury

Expert Contributors

  • Dr. Mariam Ayad – Egyptologist, American University of Cairo, Egypt
  • Dr. Colleen Darnell – Egyptologist, University of Hartford, USA
  • Prof. Betsy M. Bryan – Egyptologist, Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Prof. John Darnell – Egyptologist, Yale University, USA
  • Prof. Ann Macy Roth – Clinical Associate Professor, New York University, USA
  • Dr. Eileen Murphy – Bioarchaeologist, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
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