Episode 6: Nazi Myths

Filmed on location in: Germany, Sweden & Ireland

A series of massive standing stones in Germany’s Teutoburg Forest formed the center of an ancient Germanic religion – at least according to the Nazi party. Led by SS commander Heinrich Himmler, Nazi archaeologists attempted to uncover the sacred sites of a pure Aryan religion. From the site of German victories over ancient Rome, to a medieval castle associated with the Holy Grail and a prehistoric site of human sacrifice, the Nazi propaganda machine turned real discoveries into dark myths that bore little relationship to history. But their warped ideology would have catastrophic consequences for millions.


  • Heinrich Himmler – Austin Grehan
  • Wilhelm Teudt – Ben Mensenkampff
  • Herman Wirth – Raymond Nolan
  • Arminius – Dmitry Vinokurov
  • Goseck Shaman – Tristan Heanue
  • Wizard – Patrick McEvoy
  • Charlemagne– Adam Traynor
  • Saxon Shaman – Danny O’Connor

Expert Contributors

  • Stefanie Haupt – Historian, Bielefeld University, Germany
  • Roland Linde – Historian, Conservation Society Externsteine, Germany
  • Prof. Riccardo Bavaj – Author, St. Andrews University, Scotland
  • Dr. Peter Lambert – Aberystwyth University, Wales
  • Matthias Loeber M.A. – Historian, Bremerhaven Museum, Germany
  • Prof. Johan Ling – University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Dr. Michael A. Rappenglück – Archaeoastronomer, Public Observatory Gilching, Germany
  • Dr. Gerhard Milstreu – Tanum Rock Art Museum Research Centre, Sweden
  • Dr. Susanne Wilbers-Rost – Archaeologist, Museum and Park Kalkriese, Germany
  • Thor Ewing – Author
  • Markus Moors – Curator, Kreismuseum Wewelsburg, Germany
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