Waterloo: Na Laochra Gael (Waterloo’s Celtic Warriors)

Waterloo: Na Laochra Gael” reveals the incredible human stories of the Irish and Scots at the Battle of Waterloo.

The Duke of Wellington would not have defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo without the valour and brilliance of his Irish and Scottish troops. Now, to mark the battle’s 200th anniversary, their extraordinary and heroic stories are told onscreen for the first time on TG4.


  • Executive Producer for Tile Films – Stephen Rooke
  • Executive Producer for TG4 – Mícheál Ó Meallaigh
  • Executive Producer for Caledonia – Les Wilson
  • Executive Producer for BBC Scotland – David Harron
  • Producer – Seona Robertson
  • Producer – Stephen Rooke
  • Director – Ruán Magan
  • Narrator – Ruán Magan
  • Irish Narrator – Manchán Magan
  • Writer – Les Wilson
  • Writer – Ruán Magan
  • Lighting Cameraman – Ronan Fox
  • PA – Maggie Fagan
  • PA – Sarah Keogh
  • PA – Róisín Phelan
  • Sound Recordist – Trevor Cunningham
  • Sound Recordist – Fiachra O’Hanlon
  • Composer – Ronan Fox , Ronan Coleman
  • Editor – John Murphy
GENRES: Docudrama


  • TG4

Waterloo, Belgium, 18th June 1815. The battle for the future of Europe is underway, as Napoleon’s French army engages the Duke of Wellington’s redcoats. Amid all the noise, smoke and blood of the battlefield, it’s no surprise to hear Irish being spoken. Because Wellington’s ‘British’ army contains thousands of Irishmen, many of whom are native Irish speakers. There are also many Scots in the army, and together these Celtic troops play a vital role in the battle. Now, 200 years on, this feature-length Tile Films docudrama uses first-hand accounts and Irish language documents to tell the story of Waterloo from the perspective of “Na Laochra Gael”.

The Duke of Wellington himself was Irish. Born in Dublin, he reached the height of his prestige by defeating Napoleon at Waterloo. And the men under Wellington’s command came from different nations and all sorts of backgrounds. In places like Ireland and Scotland, the poorer classes found it more and more difficult to make a living off the land, and the army offered young men an alternative livelihood. Soldiers’ wives and families sometimes came with them on their campaigns, women like Lizzie McMullen, who heroically rescued her injured husband at the end of the battle. Starring legendary GAA commentator Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh, Steve Wall, Olwen Fouéré and Cillian Ó Gairbhí, “Waterloo: Na Laochra Gael” reveals the incredible human stories of these men and women.

Waterloo: Na Laochra Gael is a Tile Films/ Caledonia TV Co-production for BBC Scotland and TG4 Ireland and International Sales


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