Queens of Ancient Egypt

3 x 52 minute 4K UHD docudrama history series

The famous Cleopatra is only one in a long line of Egyptian queens, spanning 3,000 years of history. Featuring new archaeological discoveries, Queens of Ancient Egypt explores the lives of three of ancient Egypt’s most fascinating and charismatic female monarchs.


  • Executive Producer – Stephen Rooke
  • Executive Producers – Curiosity Stream – John Cavanagh, Rob Burk, Jorge Franzini
  • Executive Producers – Off the Fence – Loren Baxter & Darren New
  • Series Producer – Stephen Rooke
  • Producer – Suzanne Colwell
  • Creative Producer – David Ryan
  • Director – Stephen Rooke
  • Writer – David Ryan
  • Editors – Dáithí Connaughton, Lawrence Fee & Breege Rowley
  • Director of Photography – Ronan Fox
  • Second Unit Camera – Shane Caffrey
  • Sound Recordists – Mick Cassidy, Niall Creavan, Stephen McDowell, Michael Jones
  • Production Manager – Michelle Mc Camley
  • Production Designer – Lynne Williams
  • Production Assistants – Ellen Goodhart & Chloe Comerford
  • Senior Researcher – Eimear Healy
  • Audio Mixer – Killian Fitzgerald
  • Finishing Editor – Rory Gavin
  • Colourist – Eugene McCrystal
  • Narrator – Jane Perry


GENRES: Docudrama / History / Science
SERIES FORMAT: 3 x 52 minute
PICTURE FORMAT: 4K UHD/ 16:9 / 25 fps
SOUND FORMAT: 5.1 Surround Sound


  • Curiosity Stream, USA
  • Section 481 – Ireland’s Film Corporation Tax Credit

The woman who became a living goddess, only to die amid the ravages of plague. The mother who faced murder and misery from her brother-husband as she fought for control of Egypt. The tragic daughter of Cleopatra, who became a monarch in her own right. The queens of ancient Egypt are among the great civilization’s most fascinating and enigmatic characters. Drawing on amazing new discoveries and cutting-edge research, Queens of Ancient Egypt tells the stories of three little-known but incredible Egyptian queens. Episode 1 investigates the story of Queen Tiye, who rose to dazzling heights 3,300 years ago. She may have blazed a trail for the world’s leading religions, and the belief that there is only one true god. Episode 2 explores the shocking story of Cleopatra II, a predecessor of the famous Cleopatra VII. It’s a grim tale of incest, murder, rape, mutilation and war. Episode 3 reveals the untold story of Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Cleopatra VII. After her parents’ suicide she recovered her fortunes to become one of Africa’s greatest queens.

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