Episode 3 – Cleopatra’s Daughter

Filmed on location in: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, USA, UK and Ireland.

This is a story of two queens. One is world famous, the other all but forgotten: the great Cleopatra and her daughter. Cleopatra Selene was born of her mother’s doomed love affair with Mark Antony of Rome. Her parents suffered the disgrace of defeat and died untimely deaths, as did all Cleopatra Selene’s siblings, until she alone remained. Taken to Rome as a prisoner, all looked lost for Cleopatra Selene. But she rose from the embers to marry the African king Juba II, and became one of that continent’s greatest queens.


  • Narrator – Jane Perry
  • Cleopatra VII – Wardah Khan
  • Cleopatra Selene II – Daiana Madeira
  • Julius Caesar – Michael Magnet
  • Mark Anthony – Danny O’Connor 
  • Juba II – Aaron Katambay
  • Young Cleopatra Selene II – Fatima Ezzahra Fatih
  • Octavian – Oualid Elmouttaki
  • Octavia – Fatima Ezzahra Raada
  • Young Caesarion – Rida Charifi
  • Alexander Helios – Ilyass Asskour
  • Nicolaus of Damascus – Taib Ajdig
  • Calpurnia – Nazha Enazali
  • Apollodorus – Lghachi Mjid
  • Additional Voices – Eric Meyers 
  • Extras – Morocco Film Productions

Expert Contributors

  • Jane Draycott – University of Glasgow, UK
  • Duane W. Roller – The Ohio State University, USA
  • Heba Abd El Gawad – Egyptologist, Egypt
  • Colleen Darnell – Egyptologist, USA 
  • Michael Livingston – Author and Historian
  • Conor Trainor – University of Warwick, UK
  • Martina Minas-Nerpel – University of Trier, Germany 
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