Episode 1: Queen Tiye

Filmed on location in: Egypt, Morocco, USA, UK and Ireland.

Over three thousand years ago, one woman rose to dazzling heights and helped Egypt become the most powerful kingdom in the world. Her name was Queen Tiye and she surpassed her rivals to reach the status of a goddess on earth. But Tiye also inspired a religious revolution that threw Egypt into turmoil. Although she spent her final years in the shadow of plague, Tiye may have blazed a trail for the world’s leading religions – and the belief that there is only one true god.


  • Narrator – Jane Perry
  • Queen Tiye – Charis Agbonlahor 
  • Amenhotep III – Nikhil Dubey
  • Princess Gilukhepa – Nora Marzk
  • Marzk Akhenaten – Aissa Bisar
  • Nefertiti – Ilham Oujri
  • Young Tiye – Douaa Mouaaize
  • Young Amenhotep III – Adam Bout Baldin
  • Baldin Young Akhenaten – Bassour Ayman
  • Yuya – Kamal Khaziz
  • Thuya – Salima Elazaoui
  • High Priest Maya – Hassan Tou Gha
  • New Wife – Chaimae Ivco
  • Additional Voices – Eric Meyers & Hugh Barford
  • Extras Morocco Film Productions

Expert Contributors

  • Colleen Darnell – Egyptologist, USA
  • Aidan Dodson – University of Bristol, UK
  • Sahar Saleem – Cairo University, Egypt
  • Hourig Sourouzian – Egyptologist, Egypt
  • Diana Craig Patch – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
  • John Darnell – Yale University, USA
  • Afifi Rohim – Archaeologist, Egypt
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