Episode 2 – The Other Cleopatra

Filmed on location in: Egypt, Morocco, USA, UK and Ireland.
Cleopatra VII was the ancient world’s greatest queen, but she wasn’t the only one to bear that name. A century before, her predecessor Cleopatra II had an even more shocking and dramatic reign. Incest, murder, rape and mutilation – hers is a tale so grotesque and appalling it almost seems invented. Cleopatra II wielded great power, and would do anything to keep it. This is the story of a family torn apart by hatred and a lust for power.


  • Narrator – Jane Perry
  • Cleopatra II – Vanessa Milchrahm
  • Cleopatra III – Anais Rizzo
  • Ptolemy VI – Florian Zapra
  • Ptolemy VIII / Physcon – Nathan Clough
  • Young Cleopatra II – Elhyan Khadija
  • Young Cleopatra III – Snani Imane
  • Young Ptolemy VI – Ouhassou Yassine 
  • Young Ptolemy VIII / Physcon – Ilyass Karim
  • Memphites – Mouaaiz Outhmane
  • Ptolemy Neos Philopator – Alyhyan Hassain
  • Flavius Josephus – Taha Misbah
  • Josephus’s Scribe – Mohamed Nouri
  • Additional Voices – Eric Meyers
  • Extras – Morocco Film Productions

Expert Contributors

  • Martina Minas-Nerpel – University of Trier, Germany
  • Alex McAuley – Cardiff University, UK
  • Colleen Darnell – Egyptologist, USA
  • Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones – Cardiff University, UK
  • Heba Abd El Gawad – Egyptologist, Egypt
  • John Darnell – Yale University, USA
  • Franck Goddio – Underwater Archaeologist, Egypt
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