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  • Sacred Sites - Season 2

    Sacred Sites - Season 2 · (2018)

    Genres · Historical Documentary  Religion  Travel  Tags · archaeology  history  sacred sites  travel 

    134 views · 6 videos · 8 galleries · » visit production page

    This second season of ‘Sacred Sites’ explores a further six civilizations and their amazing sacred sites. Dynamic new evidence, cutting-edge scientific research and revolutionary theories offer new perspectives on these monuments and the people who built them.

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    Assassins: Ireland's Contract Killers · (2017)

    Genres · Docudrama  Factual  

    3527 views · 1 video · 0 galleries · » visit production page

    In this new series, Donal MacIntyre & Prof David Wilson take us on a shadowy journey inside the minds of Ireland’s contract killers, profiling the assassins and their crimes in forensic detail.

  • The Great Guide To The Future

    The Great Guide To The Future · (2017)

    Genres · Creative Documentary - Science  Factual   Science  Travel 

    4011 views · 1 video · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    "The Great Guide to the Future" (6 x 23 min) is an ambitious, informative and visually stunning science-travel documentary series that will reveal what our future will look like to mind-blowing effect. It will premiere on TV3's newest channel, be3, on Sunday 26th ...

  • Aerial Ireland

    Aerial Ireland · (2017)

    Genres · Creative Documentary - Science  Historical Documentary  Irish History  Observational Documentaries  Tags · aerial  geographical  historic  landscape 

    6881 views · 1 video · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    Aerial Ireland presents the island of Ireland as never seen before - an unparalleled flight from geological and natural prehistory through 12,000, years of human habitation on this unique gem of Western Europe.

  • Paul Williams: State of Fear

    Paul Williams: State Of Fear · (2016)

    Genres · Observational Documentaries 

    3264 views · 1 video · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    In this two part series investigative journalist Paul Williams will go on a journey to assess the reverberations of the brutal killing of fellow journalist Veronica Guerin in 1996. Paul will give his personal reflection on mood of the nation in 1996 accordingly ...

  • Sacred Sites - Season 1

    Sacred Sites - Season 1 · (2016)

    Genres · Historical Documentary  Tags · archaeology  history  sacred sites  travel 

    4287 views · 1 video · 7 galleries · » visit production page

    Over six episodes, this series will give fascinating new perspectives on sacred sites in different times and settings throughout history. Each episode entices viewers with a powerful hook, a fundamental new take on the sites in question and the people or group that ...