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  • The End of Ageing

    The End Of Ageing · (2010)

    Genres · Creative Documentary - Science  Tags · ireland  medical  science  social science  technology 

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    In this pioneering documentary, Professor Rose Anne Kenny takes us through the science and the consequences of living longer lives. We find out how we can slow down the ageing process, how science can help us live longer and questions whether science can ...

  • Death or Canada

    Death Or Canada · (2008)

    Genres · Docudrama  Irish American Heritage  Tags · Emigration  Famine 

    13096 views · 1 video · 2 galleries · » visit production page

    Death or Canada, narrated by Brian Dennehy tells the true life tragic story of John and Mary Willis and their five children who left their home in the west of Ireland at the height of the Great Famine in 1847 in search of ...

  • Cromwell In Ireland

    Cromwell In Ireland · (2008)

    Genres · Docudrama  Historical Documentary  Irish History  Tags · irish history 

    13013 views · 1 video · 2 galleries · » visit production page

    Oliver Cromwell is the great bogeyman of Irish history. His name appears everywhere in the collective psyche of the island. He is a towering figure, a dark silhouette against the bloodstained backdrop of history. But why did he come to Ireland, and does ...

  • Decoding Christianity

    Decoding Christianity · (2008)

    Genres · Art Documentary  Religion  Religious Documentary  Tags · christianity  history  religion 

    6275 views · 1 video · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    So you think you know Christianity? You know its symbols, its shapes, its art and its rituals – but do you know what lies beneath them? How did they come into being, what do they represent, and why? This ground-breaking 6-part documentary series, ...

  • The Rookes of Vicar’s Hill

    The Rookes Of Vicar’S Hill · (2007)

    Genres · Observational Documentaries  Religion 

    6548 views · 0 videos · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    In 2007 Rev. Patrick Rooke was appointed Dean of St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh, Northern Ireland.This four part observational documentary series followed Patrick and his family over a 12 month period as he settled into his new role as Dean of ...

  • Ireland's Nazis

    Ireland's Nazis · (2007)

    Tags · Docudrama  Irish Heritage  Irish History  Nazis  WWII 

    11476 views · 1 video · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    RAF veteran Cathal O’Shannon uncovers the truth about the war criminals and collaborators who found refuge in Ireland in the years after World War 2. The series won the Globe Gold Award (Documentary section) at the Intermedia World Media Festival in Hamburg.