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  • Decoding Christianity

    Decoding Christianity · (2008)

    Genres · Art Documentary  Religion  Religious Documentary  Tags · christianity  history  religion 

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    So you think you know Christianity? You know its symbols, its shapes, its art and its rituals – but do you know what lies beneath them? How did they come into being, what do they represent, and why? This ground-breaking 6-part documentary series, ...

  • The Rookes of Vicar’s Hill

    The Rookes Of Vicar’S Hill · (2007)

    Genres · Observational Documentaries  Religion 

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    In 2007 Rev. Patrick Rooke was appointed Dean of St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh, Northern Ireland.This four part observational documentary series followed Patrick and his family over a 12 month period as he settled into his new role as Dean of ...

  • Ireland's Nazis

    Ireland's Nazis · (2007)

    Tags · Docudrama  Irish Heritage  Irish History  Nazis  WWII 

    10591 views · 1 video · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    RAF veteran Cathal O’Shannon uncovers the truth about the war criminals and collaborators who found refuge in Ireland in the years after World War 2. The series won the Globe Gold Award (Documentary section) at the Intermedia World Media Festival in Hamburg.

  • The Ghost of Duffy's Cut

    The Ghost Of Duffy's Cut · (2006)

    Genres · Irish American Heritage  Observational Documentaries 

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    It is the autumn of 2002 and in a dusty Pennsylvanian attic, William Watson, professor of history, and his brother Frank, Lutheran minister and historian, sift through their grandfather’s papers, chancing upon a remarkable file titled “DUFFY’S CUT”. Fascinated by the astonishing contents ...

  • The Lost Gods

    The Lost Gods · (2005)

    7090 views · 0 videos · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    'The Lost Gods' exploring the forgotten religions of six ancient world civilisations. A Tile Films co-production with VisionTV International Canada, the series won the Intermedia Globe Gold Award at the World Media Festival 2006 in Hamburg (Culture Section). Co-produced with Vision TV International ...

  • Heaven On Earth

    Heaven On Earth · (2004)

    5131 views · 1 video · 1 gallery · » visit production page

    This unique series explores how six major world religions have expressed the spiritual yearnings of the faithful in architecture and art. From the megaliths of prehistoric man to the great mosques, temples and cathedrals of the last two millennia, religion has inspired some ...