‘Sacred Sites’ Launches on Channel 5

Beginning tonight at 7pm on Channel 5 (Virgin 105) you can watch the Tile Films’ award winning series “Sacred Sites” beginning with “Sacred Sites – Ireland”. This is the first of 4 episodes being aired on Channel 5 with “Sacred Sites: Egyptian Priestesses”, “Sacred Sites: King Arthur” and “Sacred Site: Maya” to follow.

This groundbreaking 4k UHD series offers unique insights into some of the world’s most hallowed shrines, temples and monuments. Tonight’s episode “Sacred Sites: Ireland”, explores an exciting new theory on how comets and meteors influenced religious sites in ancient Ireland.

Filmed on location in twelve countries, the series was directed by Tile Films’ Managing Director Stephen Rooke (Aerial Ireland, Saving the Titanic, Waterways). Tile Films’ Head of Development, David Ryan (After Braveheart, Cromwell in Ireland) was the writer and creator of the series. Producers were Laura Danaher and Stephen Rooke.

Directors of Photography for the series were Mick O’Rourke and Colm Hogan. The Sound Recordists were Michael Cassidy and Bob Brennan, while sound mixing was conducted by Killian Fitzgerald of Avatar Audio Post Production. The series was edited by Mick Mahon, Jim Dalton, and Keith Walsh. Post production was provided by Outer Limits with Eugene McCrystal as colorist, Rory Gavin as online editor, Andy Clarke and Kevin O’Brien in charge of VFX. Music composers were Steve Lynch, Giles Packham, Ray Harman and Damien Walsh. The production designer was Lynne Williams of Irish Arms and Maeve Kenny and Maggie Fagan were production managers. The drama re-enactments were filmed in Ireland and Morocco.

“Sacred Sites” is produced by Tile Films for the Smithsonian Channel. Stephen Rooke is executive producer for Tile Films, while David Royle and Tim Evans are executive producers for Smithsonian Channel.

For updates on upcoming episodes on Channel 5 make sure to check the Tile Films’ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tilefilms/ and twitter https://twitter.com/tilefilms?lang=en. Each episode will have a fundamental new take on a group of sacred sites and the people who constructed them.

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