Episode 1: Petra

https://vimeo.com/184542302Filmed on location in: Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and IrelandThe magnificent rock temples of Petra and Hegra hold a remarkable secret. Were these places centers of a lost matriarchy,…

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Episode 2: Templars

https://vimeo.com/184532172Filmed on location in: France, Portugal, UK, Israel, Morocco & IrelandFor over seven hundred years, Europe’s most famous military order has been cloaked in mystery, myth and many conspiracy theories.…

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Episode 4: Egypt

https://vimeo.com/184536716Filmed on location in: Egypt, USA, Morocco and IrelandThe amazing sacred sites of ancient Egypt reveal their makers’obsession with death and the afterlife. But the recent discovery of a 4,000-year-old…

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Episode 3: Oracles

https://vimeo.com/184533885Filmed on location in: Greece and TurkeyAt Delphi and other ancient Greek oracles, the gods spoke through a priestess or priest, offering cryptic visions of the future. New scientific evidence…

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Episode 6: Ireland

https://vimeo.com/100126520Filmed on location in: IrelandWhy did the ancient Irish people abandon worship of the Earth for worship of the Sky? Combining history, mythology, astronomy, science and archaeology, this documentary looks…

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