Egyptian Priestesses wins a Silver Dolphin at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

Tile Films wins Silver Dolphin for Egyptian Priestesses
Stephen Rooke receives the Silver Dolphin Trophy from Festival Director, Alexander Kammel.

Tile Films are delighted to announce that we have won a Silver Dolphin Trophy for the best Docudrama at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Attending the event with over 300 other guests from 30 countries, Producer and Director Stephen Rooke picked up the award for our docudrama film “Sacred Sites: Egyptian Priestesses” on behalf of Tile Films and our broadcast client Smithsonian Networks. “Sacred Sites: Egyptian Priestesses” tells the story of a surprising undercover power structure in ancient Egypt, led by women: an elite succession of priestesses called the God’s Wives of Amun, who wielded extraordinary influence. Until recently they were all but forgotten, but this docudrama film investigates Egypt’s sacred sites to rediscover their story and the mysterious source of their power. Tile Films would like to thank our Irish and Moroccan crew, the cast and all those involved from Ireland, Egypt, Morocco and the USA, where filming took place. It was a great pleasure producing this film for Smithsonian Networks.

IFTN Press Release – Tile Films’ Sacred Sites: Egyptian Priestesses lands trophy at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

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