Episode 4: Malta

https://vimeo.com/283018744Filmed on location in: Malta, Morocco, USA & IrelandIn between the years 3600 and 2300 BC, an extraordinary civilization developed on the small Mediterranean island of Malta. For almost 1,500…

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Episode 3: The Camino

https://vimeo.com/283018466Filmed on location in: Spain, France, Morocco & IrelandEvery year, thousands of pilgrims travel the ancient pilgrimage route to Spain’s Santiago de Compostela. The sacred journey ends with a visit…

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Episode 2: Maya

https://vimeo.com/283018800Filmed on location in: Mexico, Guatemala, Morocco, USA & IrelandIn the tropical forests of Guatemala and Mexico stand some of the most captivating sacred sites of ancient Mayan civilization. Scientists…

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